Charles Thomas
Lives in Brooklyn, New York

Hybrid paintings, windows melding world travel influences.  Cities, shanties, population densities, figures and faces triggering mental dialogues, creating realist abstractions, patterns with the possibility of forms materializing.

Solo and two person shows:
2014  Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2011  Graanmarkt13, Antwerp, Belgium
2009  Atra Gallery, Helde, Belgium
2007  Studio Apart, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2006  Chaldea Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
2003  Zieher Smith Gallery, New York, NY

Group Exhibitions:
2014 Sideshow Gallery  "At the Alamo"  Brooklyn, NY
2013 Sideshow Gallery  "Sideshow Notion"  Brooklyn, NY
2012 Affordable Art Fair, Artra Gallery, Belguim
2012 Kunstilefde, Metropolis, Utrecht, Netherlands
2011 Galerie Mia Joosten, Expositie Lutmastraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2008 (ST)ART, Kloosterstraat 13, Antwerpen, Belguim
2004 Bucheon Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1996 Independent Bi-Annual El Bohio-Charras, Center for the Arts, NY, NY
1993 "Fresh Squeeze: A Show of Bay Area Artists"  Budapest, Hungary
1992 Walter-McBean Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1992 Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA

M.F.A.  San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA
B.F.A.  Center for Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan
New York AICA Studio Program, Winter 1988
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