Molly was born in Washington, DC and grew up in Alexandria, Virginia.
After receiving her degree in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University,
Molly reserched art history and archeology in France and Spain. Returning to the States to pursue painting,
Molly received her Masters in Fine Art from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan,
where she studied with Joan Snyder and Jake Bethot.
Molly lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with her husband, the sculptor, Bruce Brosnan.
She is represented by Amy Simon Fine Art, in Westport, CT and her studio is located at the historic
Eberhard Faber Pencil Factory in Brooklyn, NY.

Solo and 2 person Exhibitions

2014     Painting Center, New York, NY, Artist Invitational: Lingua Franca
             Amy Simon Fine Art, Westport, CT, Atrium Gallery: Arlequin Installation
2012     Amy Simon Fine Art, Westport, CT, Making Their Mark, with Sebastian Vallejo
2011     SET Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Metamorphosis, curator: Irina Danilova   
             b. Conte, Brooklyn, NY, Bezold Effects, curator: Bernadette Conte
2009     John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY, Circadian Series, curator: John Davis
             Allen Gallery, New York, NY, Sugarburgh Series, curator: Michel Allen
2007     John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY, Field Work, curator: John Davis
2006     John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY, Byzantine Quilters, curator: John Davis
             Holland Tunnel, Brooklyn, NY, Springhouse Paintings, curator: Pauline Lethan
2005     Dolby Chadwick, San Francisco, CA, Project Space: Osio, curator: Lisa Chadwick
             Berlex Gallery, Wayne, NJ, Sensory Impressions, curator: Mariana Maldonado
2004     DTW Gallery, New York, NY, Patterns In Movement, curator: Lili Chopra
2002     Sideshow, Brooklyn, NY, Treacherous Lands/ Lush Gardens, with Noah Landfield
2001     ROOM, New York, NY, Tiffany Series, curator: Wendy Haworth
1997     Sugarburgh Space, Brooklyn, NY, Sugarburgh, curator: Clemens Frischenschlager
1996     Lombard-Freid Fine Art, New York, NY, Bond Room: Harmonograph, curator: Lea Freid
             Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY, Thesis, curators: Gregory Ammenoff, Jake Berthot
1995     Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY, New Paintings, selected by jury panel

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015     MiXX projects + atelier, Telluride, Co. Curator: Pia Gedeon
2014     Life On Mars Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Summer Invitational, curator: Michael David
2013     National Arts Club, NYC, Flight From Nature, curator: Michael Gormley
             Seton Hall University, Newark, NJ, In- Flux, curator: Pamela Cardwell
             City and Country, NYC, Benefit Auction
             Berlin Collective, New York, NY, Free Luck, curator: Nicole Cohen
2012     Bowery Gallery, NYC, National Painting Competition, Juror: Lance Esplund                      
             Amy Simon Fine Art, Westport, CT, Summer Rotation    
2011     ISCP: International Studio and Curatorial Program, NYC, Fenced & Stitched,
             curated by: Joan Mitchell Foundation
             Ashram Gallery, Brooklyn, NY,  Good Greenpoint Artists, curator: Raymond Gonzales
2010     City College of New York, NYC, The Source, curators: Melissa Staiger and Susan Ross
2009     Heath Gallery, New York, NY, 6 x6" Benefit Show
2008     University of North Carolina, Pembroke, NC & Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY,
             Shape Shifters, curator: James Biederman
2005     John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY, Gallery Artists
2004     N3 Project Space, New York, NY, The Color Imperative, curator: James Biederman
             Buzzer Thirty, Long Island City, NY, Roads and Pastimes, curator: Amy Bay
2003     The Painting Center, New York, NY, Juried Invitational, curator: Suzanne Kammin
2002     Germaine Keller Gallery, Garrison, NY, Strong Painting, curator: Germaine Keller
2001     Stefan Stux Gallery, New York, NY, Benefit Auction, curator: Mike Weiss
2000     Artists Space, New York, NY, Works on Paper Benefit,
             PS 1 Contemporary Art Center, Queens, NY, Community Works, curator: Erin Sircy
             Henry Street Settlement, Abrons Art Center, New York, NY, Surface Sensibility
1999     Gale Gates et. al, Brooklyn, NY, Size Matters, curator: Mike Weiss
             Elsa Mott Ives Gallery, Wish You Were Here, curator: Mary Ting
1998     Williamsburg Art & Historical Society, Brooklyn, NY, curator: Richard Humann

Grants / Awards
2013     Summer Research Grant, City and Country School, New York, NY
2012     Lifetime Arts Grant, Brooklyn Central Public Library, Brooklyn, NY
1996     Boynton Fellowship Grant, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT
             Paula Rhodes Memorial Award, School of Visual Art, New York, NY
1995/6  SVA Graduate Fellowship, School of Visual Art, New York, NY

1996     Master of Fine Art, School of Visual Art, New York, NY
1992/3  Independent Study: Archeology, Chatillion Sur Seine, France
1992     Bachelor of Fine Art, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

Selected Bibliography
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2006     Visiting Artist, Virginia Commonwealth University, VCU Lecture Series, Nov. 2006.
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Collections (selected), Private/ Corporate
Larry Poons and Paula Deluccia, New York, NY; Christine Bourron, Paris, France;
Georges Faber, Consul General of Luxembourg, New York, NY; NYU Medical Center, New York, NY  
Intuit, Inc. (permanent installation), Mountain View, CA;
Northwest Venture Partners, San Francisco, CA; Ginny and Hugo Fisher, Mill Valley, CA; 
Commissioned work: Steven and Mary Heffner, NYC; Girls, Inc., NYC
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