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Vibrating Body: New assemblage works by Ken Butler

September 10 – October 9, 2011

Opening Saturday, September 10, 6-9pm

Sideshow Gallery presents "Vibrating Body," an exhibition of diverse assemblage works on panel by artist-musician Ken Butler.
Echoing his hybrid instruments and collages, these new works further abstract and transform the human-figure-instrument-body iconography he is known for and pushes it further into the realm of mechanical bio-structure and cybernetics, implying a sacred altar-like space referencing the cycle if deformation and re-formation. Constructed primarily of consumer detritus, social discards, and vernacular urban flotsam and jetsam, these works become inter-woven cyphers of the new resonant technological and turbulent meanings. Characterized by his obsessive desire to re-order the world around him, Butler's multi-disciplinary creations can be difficult to describe as they bridge visual art, design, performance, and life itself in unusual ways. ever the urban bricoleur, the artist is a resourceful problem-solver committed to exploring and re-configuring our relationships to the objects around us.